The latest FZ-FI undertakes it to the second level. It produces the highly developed Yamaha Blue Core style to provide bikers an exceptional adventure of efficiency and performance.

At the center is the latest Yamaha Fuel Injection Blue Core engine. It utilizes superior sensors as well as actuators to determine and supply the optimal quantity of fuel to the engine hence improving both efficiency and mileage.

The decreased weight (132kg) creates the motorbike much more sensitive resulting in the fast initial pickup and giving birth to smooth driving acceleration.

The silhouette of FZ FI provided much more of an advanced lean to generate a "Forward Massive Form" model that states an idea of hidden strength. It was attained by harmonizing the fuel tank design with the image of pushing forward, the short and compact tail set up, the short muffler and other components.


Engine type
Air cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, 2-valve
Bore & Stroke
57.3mm x 57.9mm
Compression ratio
Maximum output
9.7 kW (13.2PS) / 8000 rpm
Maximum torque
12.8 N.m (1.3 kg f.m) / 6000 rpm
Starting method
Lubrication type
Force-feed lubrication, wet sump
Fuel Supply
Fuel injection
Clutch type
Wet, multiple-disc
Transmission type
Constant mesh 5-speed
Gear ratio
1st=2.714 2nd=1.789 3rd=1.318 4th=1.045 5th=0.875
Cylinder layout
Single Cylinder
12V, 4.0AH (10H), Sealed type


Overall Length x Width x Height
2,073mm x 770mm x 1,030mm
Seat height
790 mm
1,330 mm
Minimum ground clearance
160 mm
Kerb weight
132 kg
Fuel tank volume


Frame type
Suspension (front/rear)
Telescopic / Swignarm
Brake type(front/rear)
Tire size (front)
Tire size (rear)
140/60-R17M/C (63P)revz-Y(Tubeless)
12 V, 35/35W
Turn signal light(front/rear)
12V,10W×2 / 12V,10W×2


YAMAHA's Fuel Injection System contains sensors, actuators and an Engine Control Unit (ECU). Sensors detect temperature, atmospheric pressure and engine condition. Based on this, ECU commands the optimal amount of fuel to the engine. It helps deliver the best engine performance at all speeds by providing fuel calculated at 1/1000 sec based on inlet pressure / throttle position / engine rotation speed and more. It also ensures high-efficiency combustion by providing the right amount of fuel, depending on riding conditions and contributes to increased mileage and cleaner emissions.


Concept of 'Simple, Stylish and Sporty' FZFI adopted simple color schemes with minimal graphics, which gives aggressive looks to FZFI.

Disc Brake

The two-pot caliper makes full use of the outer perimeter of the disc to provide strong stopping power.


Split type aluminium handle grab-bars are designed with an easy-to-grip shape and a sporty, sharp-looking design. The handle grab bars are positioned in such a way that it's easier to grasp them for a more relaxed position while driving with a perfect palm grip.

Multi-reflector HEADLIGHT

Multi-reflector type headlight which gives FZFI a stylish looks and clear vision at night adds to safety.

Advanced Midship MUFFLER

The newly designed muffler protector further adds to the impression of sharpness and adds a sporty attitude which enhances the street presence.


More seat space provides a more comfortable riding experience. The seat is long, comfortable and specially designed for the pillion rider. The easy to grasp aluminium handle grab bars give the pillion rider extra support during long rides.


FZ FI's 7-times adjustable Monocross suspension are of World Motocross Championship standards. This type of suspension gives the rider an exhilarating & stable riding experience.


FZ FI's large fuel tank with a capacity of 12 liters helps the rider continue without worrying about refuelling every now and then.

Wide Tubeless RADIALS (Rear)

The broad tyres and perfectly mated suspension keeps the bike grounded on high speed and sharp corners even in wet weather. The puncture resistant radial tyres can digest most of the potholes easly. The racy stripes on its rims give it a very sporty and cool look.

BARREL RED | Price: 81,040*
BOMBER BLACK | Price: 81,040*

*Above motorcycle price is Ex-Showroom (Delhi). Price may vary as per applicable state taxes/octroi etc. Please collect exact price details from your nearest Yamaha authorized dealers.