Yamaha FZ 25 vs Yamaha FZ S FI 2.0(Comparison Overview) – Why the FZ 25 is the best bike to buy in the 200cc-250cc Segment

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November 20, 2017
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Yamaha FZ 25 vs Yamaha FZ S FI 2.0(Comparison Overview) – Why the FZ 25 is the best bike to buy in the 200cc-250cc Segment

yamaha showroom in Pune,fz25

The global Japanese automakers, Yamaha, has not looked back ever since hitting the Indian market. After delivering a bunch of powerful and robust bikes in Japan, Yamaha has gradually become one of the best bike makers in the Indian sub-continent. The FZ series by Yamaha is touted to be the lord of the streets in India owing to the combination of high performances and eye-catching looks. Yamaha has reluctantly manufactured the best bikes in various categories ahead of its competitors making it the ideal and the most reliable bike manufacturer in India.

The recent addition to the FZ series, the Yamaha FZ 25 comes with several jaw-dropping performance and exterior aspects. The bike enthusiasts in India were eagerly waiting for a powerful bike in the 200-250 cc category and the FZ 25 has not disappointed at all. The model that is designed especially for the Indian roads offers one of the best performances in the 200cc-250 cc category. Some would say that the FZ 25 price is slightly on the higher side, but the features of the bikes and it’s high mileage offerings makes it a worthy investment.

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The FZ 25 is out and already getting applause in the Indian market. Let’s take a closer look at a few parameters and compare the same with the FZ S 2.0, another dynamic and high performing bike from the FZ series.

The parameters considered in the article include:

1. Styling

2. Gear shifting and instrument cluster

3. Performance

Yamaha FZ25

1. Styling

It is safe to say that the FZ 25 has typical features of the FZ series. To retain the identity of the FZ series, the newly launched FZ 25 has adopted a few ideas from the previous FZ series bikes. The design of the headlamp, fuel tank cowl, and the rear tail light is close to the earlier editions of the FZ series. However, minute changes and adjustments in styling offers the bike an excellent overall look.

2. Gear shifting and instrument cluster

The gear switching in the FZ 25 is pretty different in comparison to the previous FZ models. Due to the AHO, the right switchgear comes with a single engine kill switch. Even though the modifications were made to save costs, the quality of the switchgear and instrument cluster is up to the mark.

The FZ 25 comes with a newly developed digital unit and offers insights to the rider such as fuel efficiency, 2 trip meters, odometer and a clock over toggle switch.

3. Performance

The major highlight of the FZ 25 is the 249cc oil and air cooled motor with a fuel injection. Here is a brief data of the new FZ 25.

20.6 BHP

8000 RPM

20 Nm torque

The aforementioned data makes the Yamaha FZ 25 a user-friendly bike in the mid-range division. However, the numbers on paper are not clear indicators of the bike’s potential and on-road performance. The bike is an ideal choice for the busy city roads and also the long stretches of the highways. It takes around 9.89 seconds to go from 0-100 which is faster than most of its competitors in this range.

The FZ 25 is one of the most robust bikes in the 200-250 cc and an ideal fit for the Indian roads.

Yamaha FZ S 2.0

1. Styling

Similar to the other bikes manufactured by Yamaha in the FZ series, the FZ S 2.0 resembles its FZ series counterparts. However, you can see multiple intricate changes that were introduced. The height and several other aspects that are crucial to the biking community, were tweaked and improved. The tank shrouds that hang from the tanks add an extra dimension to the overall look of the bike. An aluminum bracket holds the number plate and the mudguard in one position. One of the most notable changes made to the FZ S 2.0 was the introduction of the long-faced mudguard. The mudguard is positioned above the rear tire and protects the rider and the bike during the monsoon season.

In a nutshell, the macho elements of the bike have toned down without making a world of a difference. The FZ S 2.0 has its unique style and its style grows on you gradually.

2. Switch gear and instrument cluster

The FZ S 2.0 witnessed multiple revisions in this particular segment. The traditional round shaped instrument cluster was replaced by a screen. The screen displayed the same features as the older version, however, the new Eco mode on the right side of the panel was added. Apart from the changes mentioned, there weren’t any drastic changes that were made.

3. Performance

The performance of any bike is the most crucial parameter when you are looking for a bike. The internal components of the bike were lightened and moreover, around 1.5 kgs were reduced from the engine. In total, the bike lost around 3 kgs. The engine is slimmer than the other counterparts. However, the torque, displacement, and power that have always been vital to the high performance of the FZ series, dropped off.


However, FZ fans do not have to worry about that as the new FZ 25 is one solid bike with promising features and amazing overall performance. The FZ 25 price is around INR 1,38,726 (OTR Mumbai). The newly launched bike developed by Yamaha is one of the best bikes in the 200cc-250cc segment in the Indian market.

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